10 February, 2006

Hillary - More Like Dubya than Bubba

Hillary Clinton has built a vast political empire by employing a management style that insiders say is much more like that of President Bush than the Senator's husband, former president Bill Clinton. Like the Bush administration, intense loyalty abounds in the Hillary Clinton camp, according to a very close-up look at "Hillaryland" in a posting on The New Republic's Web site. Also like the Bush camp, the Clinton machine is "relentlessly on message and wary of reporters," according to Ryan Lizza who authored TNR's piece. A link to the TNR piece is provided above.

TGIF, but it may not be such a great Friday in the West Wing.

Brownie - former FEMA chief Michael Brown is testifying before Congress today and, according to the New York Times' Web site, is expected to say that officials "at the highest levels of the White House" knew much earlier than they have acknowledged about the devestation in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina. The Times reports today that Brown told the White House of a levee break on the night of Monday, Aug. 29, the day the storm hit. Administration officials have said in the past they had been caught by surprise when told the next day the levee had broken,

Then there's the story that Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff Scooter Libby has apparantly testified before a grand jury in the CIA leak case that he was authorized by his "superiors" to disclose classified information to reporters. Word of Libby's testimony was contained in a letter from federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to Libby's lawyers last month. The contents of the letter were first reported yesterday by the National Journal.

I guess we now know why Bush chose yesterday afternoon to disclose new details of a foiled four-year-old Al Qaeda plot to fly a hijacked plane into a skyscraper in Los Angeles.

Of course the the 24-hour cable channels (and their Web sites) have used most of their air time and resources in the past 24 hours focusing on "real" news - about the British man arrested yesterday in London in connection with the murder of his American wife and baby outside of Boston last month.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary's only agenda is power for herself.


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