26 April, 2006

Economy, Gas Prices Drive Bush's, Congress' Approval Ever Lower; Dems Picking Up Some Of The Blame

An NBC /Wall Street Journal poll released tonight shows President Bush's approval rating at 36%, the lowest it's ever been in this poll.

It also shows Congress' approval rating at 22%, with more voter vitriol seemingly being directed at Democrats.

By a 45% to 39% margin, registered voters in this poll said they would prefer to see the Democrats win control of Congress this year. But, just a month ago, that number favored the Democrats 50% to 37%. So the margin has closed to 6 percentage points from 13 points in one month.

Voters listed political bickering as the No.1 reason they disapprove of Congress (44%), while 36% said nothing important gets done in Washington. Corruption was a close third at 34%. (Respondents were asked to name the two main reasons they disapprove of Congress.)

More than two-thirds of those polled said America was on the wrong track and 45% of those polled said gasoline prices are their No. 1 concern.


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