26 May, 2006

McFarland Inches Closer To Ballot Spot With Two More Endorsements

The GOP committees in two more counties - Delaware and Schuyler - have endorsed the candidacy of KT McFarland for U.S. Senate.

As of yesterday, and not including the two counties announced today, Urban Elephants.com had McFarland at just about 23% of the 25% support she'll need to win a spot on a primary ballot.

Schyler and Delaware counties, I do not believe, are populous enough to push the former Reagan administration official over the hump, but she must be within an eyelash.


Democratic anti-war candidate Jonathan Tasini, who's getting a fair amount of play with his bike-across-New York publicity stunt is looking for your John Hancock. Tasini's Web site today has a petition demanding that state Democrats, at their convention in Buffalo next week, endorse an immediate wthidrawal of troops from Iraq. Click here to sign if you are interested.


Gov. George Pataki endorsed Jeanine Pirro, the former Westchester County district attorney, in her bid for state attorney general. Pataki, who's in Iowa for a few days, - probably because he likes the weather there this time of year - honored Pirro with a press release made on the Friday before a holiday weekend. Some endorsement. Pirro's the only Republican in the race. One wonders what took Pataki so long.


The two Democratic candidates for governor, Eliot Spitzer and Tom Suozzi are scheduled to debate once before the September primary, if there is one. The debate is scheduled for July 25. Suozzi, who is about 60 points behind Spitzer in the polls, continues to push for more than one debate. He tried again yesterday with a letter to his Democratic opponent. The Politicker today posted the contents of that letter.


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