27 February, 2006

Bush Approval At All-Time Low In CBS Poll

President Bush's approval rating is at an all-time low 34%, down 8 percentage points since January, according to a poll released tonight by CBS News. At the same time, pessimism in the U.S. about the Iraq war is at new highs, with just 30% of Americans polled approving of Bush's handling of the war.In addition, the poll shows seven in 10 Americans, including nearly six in 10 Republicans, are opposed to the deal that would turn over management of some U.S. ports to a company from Dubai. Even in his strongest suit to date, Bush's handling of the so-called war on terror, the president scored only a 43% approval rating versus 50% disapproval. Bush's rating on fighting terrorism fell nine percentage points in a month.

The picture painted by the CBS poll is even worse for Vice President Dick Cheney. Eighteen percent of those polled had a favorable view of the veep, down from 23% in January.

In a separate CBS poll, also released this evening, two-thirds of Americans think Bush has not responded adequately to the plight of victims of Hurricane Katrina.


At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

You would think - given these numbers - that the media, the popularity whores that they are, would start to present the administration negatively, but day after day we get the same cheerleading from even the non-Fox News media. The outrage from the media should be at higher levels than it was during Watergate, but it's not.

If the government doesn't change hands in 2006 and 2008, then the system is rigged beyond repair - the fascists will have won.


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