20 February, 2006

Can Rudy Get an AMEN!! ; Apparently He Can

"I appreciate you. I can tell you from my heart how much I appreciate what you are doing: saving people, telling them about Jesus Christ and bringing them to God."

Rudy Giuliani, as quoted by evangelical website Crosswalk.com, speaking to the Global Pastors Network in Orlando, Fla. last month **

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been keeping out of the media spotlight but apparantly has been quietly making his way around the country, testing the waters for a presidential run in '08.

According to a piece yesterday in London's Sunday Times, one place Giuliani was seen recently was Orlando, feeling out the religious right. The report says Giuliani was pretty well received at a gathering of evangelical preachers late last month.

**NYPOLS searched high and low on the Crosswalk Web site for the transcript of Giuliani's speech, but we have to assume the folks at the Sunday Times quoted Giuliani properly.


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