23 March, 2006

Claims In KT McFarland's Resume Qustioned: New York Times; On The Bright Side McFarland Gets Her First Endorsement

Former Reagan Defense Department official KT McFarland's bid to win the GOP Senate nod in New York has gotten off to a rocky start. First came the questions about her commitment to politics given that she has not voted in many of the general elections that have been held since she left the government payroll. Today there are new concerns about McFarland, regarding her resume. The New York Times has a story questioning the accuracy of a couple of claims McFarland has made - namely her role in authoring President Reagan's famous "Star Wars" speech, and her rank among women in the Reagan Administration. Are the claims a big scandal, or the routine "polishing" of resumes that goes on all the time? At the risk of sounding like FOX News, let me just say you can read the story here, and decide for yourself.

There was a bit of good news for McFarland today, as her campaign announced its first formal endorsement, from the GOP in Wyoming County. Wyoming County is, as the Manhattanite's campagin Web site points out, the leading dairy-producing county in the state. You might say she's milking this first endoresement for all it's worth. Sorry about that!!! (By the way, if you look at the press release it is put out by a campaign official named Bill O'Reilly. Just for the record, it is not THAT Bill O'Reilly.


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