02 March, 2006

No to the Dubai Port Deal? Depends on Which Clinton You Ask

It should be an interesting discussion around the Clinton dinner table tonight.

The Financial Times' Web site, FT.com, reports former president Bill Clinton advised top Dubai officials on how to navigate the politics of the controversial deal that would turn over management of key U.S. ports to Dubai Ports World, the United Arab Emirates company.

Of course at the same time, Sen. Hillary Clinton, the former president's wife, was out in front of the congressional effort to derail the deal - along Sen. Charles Schumer, her collegue from New York.


In a totally unrelated note, the man behind the effort to draft Donald Trump for president will be on CNN tonight at 7 pm EST. Frank MacKay, chairman of the Independence Party of New York State, will talk about his efforts to coax Trump into running in '08. See yesterday's post on this blog for more details.


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