28 April, 2006

Fasso Jumps In Latest GOP Governor Poll

John Fasso has pulled ahead of William Weld in the latest Strategic Vision poll. The GOP pollster puts the former Assembly Minority Leader, Fasso, up 23% to 17% over the former governor of Massachusetts who is now running for the same post here in New York. A full 60% of Republicans polled remain undecided.

Just a month ago in a poll by the same firm Weld led Fasso 15% to 9%, but Randy Daniels and Pat Manning were still in the race (though they combined for only 7% in the March poll). Undecideds in March were at 69%. So it seems of those who left the Daniels and Manning camps, or are making up their minds for the first time, Fasso seems to be their choice.

When paired off one-on-one against Democratic frontrunner State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, both Republicans are about 30 points behind. Spitzer, by the way, remains light years ahead of Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, a Democratic challenger.


Sen. Hillary Clinton slipped a little bit in the latest Strategic Vision poll. She leads her Republican challenger, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, 58% to 24%. Last month Clinton led Spencer 63% to 24%. Clinton leads KT McFarland, the former Reagan Defense Department official, 59% to 24%. McFarland wasn't included in the March poll.


-Sen. Charles Schumer's approval rating among New Yorkers is higher than that of Sen. Clinton (60% to 55%)

-President Bush's approval rating in New York is 23%

-Rudy Giuliani and Clinton are well ahead in their respective parties in the 2008 presidential preference portion of the poll.

-Only 23% of those polled think Gov. George Pataki should run for president.

-82% expect another terrorist attack in the U.S. the next six months.

-60% would prefer immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

-67% disapprove of Bush's handling of the war and 70% disapprove of his handling of the economy


Tom Suozzi, who is well behind Eliot Spitzer in the Democratic race for governor, will reportedly try to petition his way onto the fall ballot. Capitol Confidential reported today Suozzi has decided not to seek a spot on the ballot at the state party convention. Capitol Confidential is the political blog of the Albany Times-Union.


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