16 May, 2006

Bush Seeks, Finds Middle Ground On Immigration

President Bush unveiled an immigration plan that puts him somewhere in the middle of two extremes - deportation and full, quick citizenship.

If he was looking for the middle ground - as he obviously was - he has apparently found it.

According to a Zogby International poll released today, 47% of Americans were satisfied with Bush's speech last night and 47% were disappointed. Some 47% said they think the immigration plan will likely make the problem better while 49% said it would likely make things worse.

The majority of Americans seem to think the speech was more about politics than policy. In fact, 37% of those polled said they thought Bush was just trying to bring Americans up to speed on the immigration issue, while 58% said he was trying to gain a political edge with his address.


According to the latest Survey USA poll, the president's approval rating is positive in only three states Idaho (52%), Utah (51%) and Wyoming (50%-49%). His approval in New York is at 23%, lowest in the nation along with Rhode Island.


Polling site, Rasmussen Reports, says today that according to a recent poll John Kerry would defeat President Bush if the election were to be held now (48% to 41%).


Congress.org has posted it's "power rankings" on Capitol Hill, putting Sen. Charles Schumer well-ahead of his New York counterpart Hillary Clinton. Schumer is ranked 18th most powerful in the Senate, while Clinton comes in at No. 41. The ranking is based on 2005 activity in the Senate and takes into account a lawmaker's position in the Senate, actions taken to influence the legislative agenda and legislative success.

In the House, among local members Charles Rangel (D) of New York City ranks 43rd, Sue Kelly (R) of the 19th District is 67th, Nita Lowey (D) of the 18th District is ranked No. 76 , John Sweeney (R) of the 20th District ranks 196th and Eliot Engel (D) of the 17th District comes in at 298th.


Pelosi to stump for Gillibrand

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will hold a fundraiser in California next month for Kirsten Gillibrand, the Democrat upstart candidate seeking to unseat John Sweeney in New York's 20th District. The bit of news was part of a story on The Hill's Web site today which says the GOP will try to scare its base to the polls this fall by raising the prospect of a "Speaker Pelosi."

Faso Candidacy Blasted By Republican "Choice" PAC

A political action group, the Republican Majority for Choice, said today that John Faso is the "wrong choice" for New York Repuiblicans in the governor's race. The pro-choice group said in a release picked up today by Capitol Confidential that the conservative Faso would jeopordize the GOP's control of the state Senate if he is at the top of the GOP ticket on the staewide ballot this November. The PAC said a Faso candidacy would be particularly harmful to Republicans in "swing" districts like Westchester, Rockland and Long Island.

Clinton Endorsed By "Choice" Group

NARAL Pro-Choice New York said Monday it would back Sen. Hillary Clinton's bid for re-election, according to the Associated Press.

NOW Backs Lamont In Bid Against Lieberman

The National Organization for Women has announced it will back Ned Lamont in his bid to take the Democratic nomination from Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman this fall. The NOW PAC said it bases its endorsements on the following criteria:

- Support for reproductive rights without restriction
- Economic equality for women
- Civil rights for all
- Constitutional equality for women
- Affirmative action
- Elimination of violence against women

Cuomo Gets Lots Of Love In Westchester

Andrew Cuomo, the frontrunner in the Democratic race for state attorney general got the backing of the following Westchester County officials, according to a release from his campaign:

Westechster County Executive Andrew Spano, Democratic Chair Reggie Lafayett, Board of Legislators Chair Bill Ryan, County Clerk Tim Idoni, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick and County Legislators Michael Kaplowitz and Jose Alvarado.


One last endorsement to announce today. Manhattanite and former Reagan administration official KT McFarland announced today she has won the endorsement of the Chinatown Republican Club. McFarland is squaring off with former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer for the Republican party nod for U.S. Senate.


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