13 May, 2006

Glory Days? - CNN Poll Shows Americans Looking Back At Clinton Years As The Good Old Days

CNN has a poll out today asking Americans to rate President Bush against his predecessor, Bill Clinton, on a number of issues. In all areas, Clinton comes out on top:

- On the economy 63% to 26%
- Solving the problems of ordinary American 62% to 25%
- Foreign affairs 56% to 32%
- Tax policy 51% to 35%
- Handling natural disasters 51% to 30%
- National security 46% to 42%
- Honesty 46% to 41%

Whether this is a case of hindisight being 20-20 or the human tendancy to romanticize the past, the numbers are fairly revealing about how our current president is viewed.


Debates Set:

According to a story on NY1's Web site today, the schedule for the first round of political debates has been set:

Republican Governor : Fasso vs Weld on June 22
Democrat Governor: Spitzer vs Suozzi on July 25

Democrat Attorney General: Cuomo, Green, King, Maloney and O'Donnell on Aug. 2

Republican U.S. Senate: Spencer vs McFarland on Aug. 9

Steve Forbes To Help Spencer Raise $$

The Associated Press reported today that publisher Steve Forbes, a two time presidential candidate, will head a national fundraising campaign for John Spencer, the former Yonkers mayor who is seeking the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate. According to reports filed by the candidates with the FEC in early April, Spencer had about $430,000 on hand. His would-be Democratic opponent, Sen. Hillary Clinton, had close to $20 million on hand at the end of the first quarter.

Turn of Events - Orleans County GOP Switches to Fasso

GOP gubenatorial candidate John Fasso's campaign reported that the Orleans County Republican Committee has decided to endorse Fasso in his race against William Weld. Interesting since the Orleans county chairman Bruce Schmidt voted for Weld in a straw poll of county chairmen held last December. The county GOP's vice-chairman Ed Morgan is quoted in the Fasso release.

Bing- o for Cuomo

NY1 is also reporting today that East Side Assemblyman Jonathan Bing is endorsing Andrew Cuomo's bid for attorney general.

Three Chears for Tasini

Anti-war Democrat Jonathan Tasini picked up endorsements from three more progressive Democrat groups in recent days. Tasini is trying to unseat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for Senate.


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