03 August, 2006

A Little Editing Brings The Suozzi Campaign Some Heat

We've all seen the movie ads in the newspaper.

Incredible! ... Unbelievable! says the Goober Gazette!!

When in actuality it is not unlikely that what the newspaper reviewer said was:

"It's incredible to me that someone could actually think up something this stupid and ubelievable he got someone to produce it."

It happens all the time in show biz. And apparently once in a while in politics. Albiet maybe not to that extreme.

New York Magazine wrote a mostly complementary article about Tom Suozzi, the underdog Democrat in the race for governor, which was published in the magazine in the July 24 issue.

One quote in particular has created a bit of a stir at the magazine. In the piece, Stephen Rodrick wrote:

"Meet Tom Suozzi, the perfect candidate for governor of New York in any other year than this one." (since Eliot Spitzer is the entrenched frontrunner)

The Suozzi campaign liked that line, for the most part, and decided to use it - well, most of it - in a campaign flyer. They just forgot to include the last seven words.

According to a Daily News article today, the folks at New York magazine were not amused and the Suozzi campaign has agreed not to use the quote in any future advertising.


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