01 August, 2006

Mud Keeps Flying In GOP Senate Race

The mudslinging in the GOP Senate race in New York continues.

Republican candidate KT McFarland's campaign is once again demanding that John Spencer's campaign account for about $38,000 in money paid, or still owed, to Spencer's wife Kathy Spencer for travel expenses.

Spencer's campaign spokesman Rob Ryan, in an article in yesterday's Journal News said the money was allocated to a joint credit card that Spencer and his wife hold and that the credit card was used to pay for Spencer's campaign-related travel expenses.

In an article in today's Journal News, McFarland's spokesman William O'Reilly made his initial demand that the expenses be accounted for and called into question Spencer's ethical conduct as mayor of Yonkers.

O'Reilly reiterated those sentiments in a press release this afternoon.

"As mayor of Yonkers, John Spencer effectively doubled his own household income, by tripling Kathy Spring's salary, with whom he was secretly living at the time."

Mayor Spencer hiked Ms. Spring's salary from $52,000 to $138,000 with no public disclosure that he was living with her and thereby personally benefiting from that income. Under no circumstances is that ethical: it is an example of the arrogance of power that marked Mr. Spencer's mayoralty."

The "Kathy Spring" referred to in the press release is now Kathy Spencer, John Spencer's wife.

In the Journal News article Spencer spokesman Ryan accused McFarland of "gutter politics."


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