25 July, 2006

Spitzer, Suozzi Face Off, A Few Sparks Fly But Race Seems Little Changed

The two Democratic candidates for governor met tonight in their only scheduled debate prior to the September primary.

The mood was confrontational, but no electoral earth was moved.


The two sparred over gay marriage (Spizer for it, Suozzi opposed); the death penalty (Suozzi against it, Spitzer in favor in cases involving cop killers and terrorists).

And, as The Associated Press reports, when asked the burning question of whether or not they had tried marijauna in the past, both men admitted they had.

The best quote of the night came from neither candidate, but from Errol Lewis of The Daily News on the "post-game" coverage on NY1.

Lewis said Spitzer has such a commanding lead that "short of dropping his pants on stage" there wasn't much the Democratic front runner could have done to hurt his chances tonight.

For the record, Spitzer's pants remained in place all evening.


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