21 July, 2006

National Dems Score More Funds In 2Q; GOP Still Has Bigger Cash Stash

We've talked a lot about the statewide dash for cash as the mid-year filing deadline reached us last weekend.

We haven't said anything about the national picture though.

It appears that overall, the Republican Party has about $10 million more dollars to spend than the Democrats this fall. At least as of the end of June.

Here are the numbers for the various national party committees for the April-June quarter.

  • NRCC: $9.5 million ($26.5 million cash-on-hand) - GOP House campaign committee
  • DCCC: $9.8 million ($32 million cash-on-hand) - Democrat House campaign committee
  • NRSC: $4.8 million ($19.9 million cash-on-hand) - GOP Senate campaign committee
  • DSCC: $8.8 million ($37.7 million cash-on-hand) - Democrat Senate campaign committee
  • RNC: $9 million ($44.7 million cash-on-hand) - Republican National Committee
  • DNC: $5.9 million ($10.8 million cash-on-hand) - Democratic National Committee
Although the Republicans have the edge in cash on hand, the Democrats raised about $1.2 million more dollars than the GOP in the April-June quarter.

The figures were tabulated by the MyDD blog.


A recent report by the National Institute on Money in State Politics confirms what we all know and many lament.

Money is usually the deciding factor in politics.

According to a study of state political races from 2001 to 2004, about 85% of the winners were the candidates with the most money.

The study, by Mark Dixon, indicated that incumbency was the next-most-important factor in the races, with roughly 70% to 80% of the winners over the time period studied being the incumbents in the race.

Image Credit: KansasRealtor.com


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