19 July, 2006

Suozzi Asks AG Candidates To Weigh In On Spitzer Role In Family Trust

Tom Suozzi continues to do all he can to make friends and influence people in the Democratic Party.

Suozzi, who has alienated party leaders with his outsider campaign for governor against party favorite Eliot Spitzer, has now chosen to put the four Democaritc candidates for attorney general on the spot. And to be fair, he's also asking Republican candidate Jeanine Pirro to go out on a limb.

Suozzi has released a letter he has sent to Pirro and the four Democrats - Andrew Cuomo, Charlie King, Mark Green and Sean Maloney - asking them to take a position on the Spitzer family trust "scandal."

Last week, Suozzi filed a formal request with the New York State Ethics Commission for a ruling on Spitzer's dual role as a board member on a family charitable trust and attorney general, where one of his duties is to oversee trusts and non-profits.

"Given the seriousness of this issue, and the precedent that could be set here, I am interested to know your views as potential holders of this high office on the following questions," Suozzi said in the letter.

I'm going to guess Suozzi won't be getting a quick response to his letter any time soon, at least not from the Democrats in the AG race. The letter might give Republican Jeanine Pirro a chance to make some hay on this issue. It will be interesting to see if she decides to do so.

Suozzi, by the way, will address the American Legion convention tomorrow morning in Rochester, then head back to Brooklyn for a Town Hall meeting.


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