15 July, 2006

The Kiss of Death?

I guess the Lieberman-Lamont Senate campaign is gaining wider interest than I had previously thought. It certainly has the attention of the folks in Connecticut and has gotten attention nationwide, including MSNBC's nationally televised coverage of the recent debate between the two Democrats.

But, I never imagined the interest in the race would go global.

In yesterday's Independent, a British broadsheet, was this headline:

"Lieberman's 'Judas Kiss' Could Seal His Primary Fate"

The kiss being referred to is an encounter between Lieberman and President Bush following the president's 2005 State of the Union address. An encounter that has been much talked about on this side of the pond.

Lieberman said the encounter was not a kiss, but rather a hug. Either way it's being used by Ned Lamont's campaign as a symbol of what it considers Lieberman's coziness with the Bush administration.

Photo Credit: The Politicker


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