11 July, 2006

It's My Party and I'll Run If I Want To...

Ah, dating myself again with the headline on this post!

Former Reagan-era Defense Department spokewoman KT McFarland has begun a petition drive to start a new party - the Jobs and Security Party, according to her Web site today.

McFarland already has a spot on the ballot as a Republican and will face former Yonkers mayor John Spencer in a GOP primary in September. McFarland says it's a way to give voters a chance to vote for her even if they are uncomfortable pulling the lever for a Republican.

Sounds more like a hedging plan to keep her name on the November ballot if she loses to Spencer in the primary - but that's just me saying that.


Although he has already announced his intentions to run as an independent if he is beaten by Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary next month, Connecticut Sen. Joe Liberman is also hoping to form a new party.

According to the Hartford Courant today, the new party would be called Connecticut for Lieberman. (Hey at least he's upfront about it).

The idea is to get Lieberman's name a line or two higher on the November ballot than it would be if he runs as an independent with no "party" backing.


John Hall, one of six Democrats hoping for the chance to take on Rep. Sue Kelly for the 19th District seat from New York this November, turned in petitions with 4,200 names supporting his candidacy. That's according to a press release from his campaign.

The 4200 tally is more than three times the 1250 required to get him on the primary ballot. Of course they all have to be validated yet, but 3-times the number needed is a good number to assure a ballot spot.

No word yet from the other 19th District Democratic camps.

As we said a few days ago, with the petitioning deadline coming up July 13 and financial filing deadline coming up July 17, we should be getting a better picture on who's in this race to stay.


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judy filed her petitions as well.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Ron Vallo said...

Thanks for the tip.

Actually I have contacted all of the campaigns in the 19th via e-mail. I have approached some of them, including the Aydelott campaign, a few times over the past few months, asking that they put me on their press release distribution list.

So far only the Hall and Shuldiner campaigns have done so.

If I did not have a full-time job, three kids and graduate school classes to take up the bulk of my time, I would be able to spend more time chasing the news myself.

But, although it is not my preferred way to do things, I have to rely for now on the news coming to me.

If you know someone on the Aydelott campaign you might suggest that someone there include me on their e-mailings.

Based on date from my site monitor, a lage percentage of my readers are from the 19th District. So, even though we may not be The Daily Kos or the Drudge Report, we are a good way to reach some of the voters in the 19th.


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