07 July, 2006

Is Minarik On His Way Out As Head Of State GOP?

The New York Sun reported Friday that embattled state GOP Chairman Steve Minarik may be a former chairman soon. The Sun is reporting that GOP gubenatorial candidate John Faso's people are behind an effort to oust Minarik, who supported William Weld's failed bid for the nomination. The Sun reports that local GOP leaders, including many in the Hudson Valley, are quietly putting together a plan to oust Minarik. Minarik, according to the Sun, intends to stay at least until his term is up in 2007.


KT McFarland, one of two GOP candidates hoping to win Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, just can't seem to get a break from the bizarre. McFarland's campaign put out a press release earlier this week saying that departing candidate William Brenner would support McFarland in her battle against John Spencer for the Republican nomination.

But, The Politicker reported Friday that Brenner says the release is "not quite accurate" even though the McFarland camp has a letter that appears to be from Brenner professing his support for McFarland.


The Democratic challenger to Sen. Clinton, Jonathan Tasini, appears to have the signitures he needs to get on the ballot against Clinton this fall. The long-shot candidate, according to the New York Times' political blog The Empire Zone, has gathered about twice the number of signitures he needs to petition his way onto the ballot.


By now you have heard the details of the terror plot foiled by federal officials that involved attacking train tunels under the Hudson River. (see AP report here)

Several New York politicians say the thwarted plot is further evidence that the Department of Homeland Security has missed the boat by reducing security funding for the city.

Sen. Charles Schumer as quoted by Bloomberg News:

"This is one instance where intelligence was on top of its game and discovered the plot when it was just in the talking phase.'' ... "But it once again illustrates how misguided Homeland Security's allocation of funds is. How many warnings does the department need about threats to New York until it changes its formula?"

Sen. Hillary Clinton, as quoted on her Senate Web site:

"Today's news that authorities in Lebanon arrested a man in connection with a plot to bomb New York's transportation system is yet another dreadful reminder that New York remains our nation’s foremost terrorist target. Today, as we mark the tragic one-year anniversary of the London transit bombings, we are painfully reminded that the Administration and Department of Homeland Security have not done enough to help our state and local governments provide improved subway, train and bus security."

And Rep. Eliot Engel, who represents part of the Bronx and Rockland County, as quoted on his Web site:

"While I am pleased that this attack has been thwarted because of intelligence and diligent investigation, I am still appalled that the Department of Homeland Security wants to cut funding for New York. This shows us that New York is still the major terrorist target, and for New York to get a reduction in Homeland Security funding is just criminal."


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