06 July, 2006

Sparks Fly At Lieberman-Lamont Debate

Sen. Joe Lieberman and Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont took their heated battle to the airwaves tonight.

Lieberman and Lamont squared off in a one-hour debate hosted by WVIT-TV in Hartford tonight and to this viewer they each gave as good as they got.

Debate Photo Credit

Lamont pounded on Lieberman's support of President Bush's policies in Iraq and other Bush programs.

Lieberman tried to paint Lamont as one-issue candidate (the war) who is spending his own fortune to get elected.

Mostly the two spent a fairly heated hour trying to out-Democrat the other guy. Here's a video sample. (The video comes from WVIT-TV via YouTube.com)

For what is worth, (and they are not usually worth much because they are distorted by zeolous supporters who just keep clicking) NBC30 is conducting a flash poll in it's Web site tonight. When I weighed in at about 9:15 Lamont was picked by eight out of ten as the winner of tonight's debate.

Who do you think won the Democratic debate on NBC 30?
Choice Votes Percentage of 4388 Votes
Joe Lieberman 871 20%
Ned Lamont 3517 80%

The Hartford Courant had a comprehensive wrap-up of the hour-long scrap.

The debate sparked enough interest nationally that it not only was picked up by C-SPAN but also by MSNBC under the cable network's Harball monicker. In fact, it was live-blogged by the show's Hardblogger blog site, but so-called "star bloggers," including Ron Reagan, Bob Shrum and Craig Crawford.


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