08 June, 2006

Cuomo Unveils 5-Point Plan To Fight Gun Violence

Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic party-sponsored candidate for attorney general, has unveiled a 5-point plan to stem gun violence in the state.

-state wide coalition of mayors and county officials; would buy guns for their law eneforcement agencies from manufacturers and dealers who adhere to a state standard of conduct

-smart-gun technology for all new guns sold which would allow only the purchaser to fire the gun

-microstamping of semi-automatic weapons to help law enforcement determine precisely which individual gun was used in a crime through a unique marking on the shell casing

-ban the sale of Saturday Night specials or Junk Guns

-enect a comprehensive program of already-existing proposals to stem gun violence


KT McFarland, one of the two GOP candidates for U.S. Senate, is kicking off a series of "Kitchen Talks With KT." She will talk with residents from around the state in the kitchen of one of their neighbors. McFarland says the kitchen is where all of the important discussions in her family are held, so it seems like the place to be. The first gathering was this morning in Tonawanda


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