03 June, 2006

And Then There Were Four; O'Donnell Drops Out of AG Race

Denise O'Donnell, the only woman, the only upstater and the only prosecutor in the Democratic race for attorney general, announced today she is stepping out of the race.

The announcement came as a note to supporters on O'Donnell's Web site.

She did not endorse Andrew Cuomo, the party's runaway winner at the convention this week in Buffalo. But she did talk about party unit. O'Donnell said she will spend the rest of the year helping to elect fellow Democrat Eliot Spitzer as New York's next governor.

O'Donnell placed third in the convention voting, getting nearly 10% of the vote. Cuomo got 67%. Mark Green got 19%. Charlie King received 5% of the vote and Sean Patrick Maloney checked in at under 1%. All but O'Donnell say they will try to get on the ballot by gathering petitions.


Despite a tussle on the convention floor over Hillary Clinton's stance on the Iraq war, the Working Families Party endorsed the New York Senator's re-election bid. Many in the crowd wanted to put anti-war activist Jonathan Tasini on the ballot. Despite all the buzz, Clinton eventually won the nod with 94% of the vote.

The party also passed unanimously a resolution calling for troops in Iraq to be brought home immediately - which is Tasini's position.

On the state level the the party endorsed Eliot Sptizer for governor, David Patterson for lieutentant governor Andrew Cuomo for attorney general and Alan Hevesi for comptroller.


As expected, the Independence Party of New York endorsed pretty much the same ticket as the Democrats did earlier this week in Buffalo, with the exception of Jeanine Pirro for attorney general. Capitol Confidential has the rundown on the voting for governor, and the other statewide races.


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