02 June, 2006

Life After Long Island For Weld?

It was a sobering defeat.

William Weld, the charismatic favorite of state GOP leaders, was taken out at the party convention by a previously little-known upstate former Assemblyman - John Faso.

The contentious convention is not the end of the line for Weld though. He will be on the primary ballot, facing Faso again in the fall.

As a post on The Plank, the political blog of the New Republic, points out today Weld has been in the same boat before and has flourished.

"In 1990 Weld was resoundingly rejected by delegates to the Massachusetts Republican convention. But he qualified for the primary ballot anyway and went on to victory. Sure enough, Weld has managed to qualify for the New York primary ballot and is vowing to stay in the race. I suppose it would be just like Weld to pull a rabbit out of a hat here..."

The Plank's Michael Crowley had his own thoughts on Weld. He says the former Massachusetts governor would have been the star-power type candidate the GOP was in search of to wound Hillary Clinton in the battle for Senate.

The New York Times today has a great piece on Weld's defeat. Why it happened. And what comes next.


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