02 June, 2006

Potscards From Hillary And Pete

The furor over the 40% cut in Homeland Security funds for New York has not died down.

The New York Congressional Delegation, much as they did with the Dubai ports plan, is sending a strong bi-partisan message to Washington - saying the cuts are unacceptable.

To show their unity, Sen. Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, and Republic Rep. Peter King of Long Island and Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, have sent the department's director Michael Chertoff a series of postcards from New York City landmarks. In making it's decision on the funding cuts, Homeland Security - rather incredibly - said New York has few federal national landmarks to defend. The local pols just wanted to remind the folks in Washington of the places we think of as landmarks. Like the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and Yankee Stadium to name few.

For its part, Homeland Security is holding firm. In a story posted today on the New York Times Web site officials of the agency are blaming the city for putting together a lackluster proposal for funding.

Director Chertoff himself is also standing firm, as the Daily News reports in today's editions.

If you would like to send Chertoff of your own, click here.


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