27 May, 2006

Letters From Home: Library of Congress Brings Personal Stories Of U.S. Vets Online

On this Memorial Day weekend most Americans will take at least a few minutes to remember those in their families, communities and country who gave their lives in service to the U.S.A.

In a massive project, called The Veterans History Project, the Library of Congress has collected personal histories, audio clips, personal letters and the military records of men and women of all branches of service.

The letters, like the one above, have been scanned so they can be seen in the soldiers' original hand, and are also printed in a more readable type face online.

Click here to see and hear about the wartime experiences of Tracy Sugarman, a Navy lieutenant from Syracuse who served in England and France.

Or, click here to listen to a Japanese American soldier, Norman Ikari, talk about fighting for his country while his parents were sent internment camps back home.

The massive collection tells the personal of stories of military vets through their letters to and from home, personal interviews, interviews with families and friends and diaries.

The stories are separated by subject matter - Sweethearts, Family Ties, D-Day: On the Beach; POWs from Germany and many others. Click here to view the list by category.

Whether you're a history buff or just like a good story of real human interest you could spend your whole weekend on the site. I hope you give it a try!!!


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