31 May, 2006

Spencer Wins, But KT Makes The Cut

Photo Credit: Scott Sala UrbanElephants.com

Former Yonkers mayor John Spencer has won the state GOP nod as its choice in the race for U.S. Senate. But KT McFarland, the former Reagan Defense Department spokeswoman from Manhattan, got well more of the 25% of the vote she needed to force a primary in the fall.

According to UrbanElephants.com the final tally puts Spencer's delegate support at 63.48% of the vote. McFarland garnered 36.52%.

McFarland, who entered the race very late, was flirting with the magic 25% mark in recent weeks, as county party endorsements started to come in at a steady pace.

Despite a last-minute endorsement from Sen. Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, and some politicking on the convention floor at Hofstra, Spencer's team was unable to keep McFarland from gaining a spot on the primary ballot.


Earlier in the day, the woman who started this campaign as a candidate for the Senate seat, was named the GOP's nominee for attorney general. Jeanine Pirro had no opposition for the nomination.


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