30 May, 2006

New York Dems Annoint Spitzer

State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was picked by the state's Democratics to be their candidate for governor. No surprise there. Spitzer was nominated by affirmation, so no vote total was taken.

Spitzer told the crowd in Buffalo today he would begin on Day 1 to change the way New York does business.

photo credit: Rolling Stone.com

He then went on a Day 1 litany of promises to do the following:
  • provide property tax relief
  • improve education
  • reform Medicaid
  • provide health care for all children
  • revitalize upstate downtowns
Click here for the full text of the speech.

And if visuals are your thing, the campaign unveiled a new video at the convention today as well.

Earlier in the day the Democrats named Senate Minority Leader David Patterson as their choice for Lieutenant Governor.


The other Democrat in the race, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, didn't attend the convention, although he was in Buffalo for a noontime rally. Suozzi also issued a statement blasting Spitzer for his criticism of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and its paralysis at Ground Zero. Suozzi charged Spitzer was employing a strategy of "attack first, offer ideas later - much later."


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