31 May, 2006

Hillary's Big Day, Dems Back Her For Relection

Hillary Clinton, to much fanfare but no one's surprise, was nominated for re-election to the U.S. Senate today by New York's Democrats gathered in Buffalo.

Clinton urged her Democratic collegues to "stand up" for just about everything:

"Stand up for this Democratic ticket and stand up for Democrats this election. Stand up for the promise of New York and the American Dream right here in our state. It will take hard work... but we can continue the journey... continue to achieve great things, together, standing up for the great state of New York."

The campaign also released a new video at the convention with the "stand up" theme.

There may be a chink in Clinton's armor, if not in this election than the one many anticipate will involve her two years from now. The race for the presidency.

A Zogby International poll released yesterday indicates that if Clinton were to face an anit-war candidate in her Senate bid, 38% said they would support Clinton, 32% said they would vote fore the unnamed anti-war candidate and the rest were unsure or would vote for someone else. The poll involved all voters, not just Democrats.

The suburban and independent vote appear to be her biggest challenges.

In the New York City suburbs, 40% said they would vote for the anti-war candidate, while 31% said they would vote for Clinton. Among independents, it was 38% to 28% in favor of the anti-war candidate.

Jonathan Tasini, who has been running a Senate campaign of his own, tried and failed this week to get an anti-war resolution passed at the convention.

"The Democratic Party in this hotel does not want a debate about the war," Tasini said.

He believes Clinton was behind the effort to quash his proposal.

In one other note from the convention, State Comptroller Alan Hevesi was nominated for re-election. The vote was unanimous.



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