31 May, 2006

GOP Convention's Biggest Question To Be Answered Thursday

The Republican convention hall is quiet for the night, but you can bet there's plenty of politicking still going on at local bars and backrooms.

The big question of the week will be answered tomorrow. Who will get the party's nod for governor?

John Faso, the former state Assembly minority leader, picked up a huge head of steam in the past few weeks, putting him ahead of William Weld in expected delegate support - for now.

The hosts of the this party, the Nassau County GOP, hold the wild card, controlling more than 10% of the delegate vote. Nassau is one of a handful of counties that has not committed yet in the race. Should be interesting when it's their turn at bat tomorrow.

Meantime, the Albany Times-Union reports some Orange County supporters of Faso, who had previously given their proxies to county chairman Bill DeProspo (a Weld supporter), now say they want their votes back.


George Pataki closed out the evening, and his tenure as party head, with a speech to the delegates, looking back over his 12 years as governor and telling party members they can win in November. He also unveiled a kind of farewell video on his Web site tonight.

(Hey, if you sat through Hillary's you can sit through this one).


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