31 May, 2006

Homeland Security Funds For New York City Cut 40% By Feds

The Department of Homeland Security has cut funding for New York City by 40% for the year. The New York Times Web site, reports federal funds for the city's security efforts have been cut to $124.5 million this year from $207.6 million last year.

New York Congressman Peter King, in an interview with WINS Radio said the Bush administration is "declaring war" on New York City.

Washington D.C., the other city attacked on 9/11, had its funding cut by 40% as well.

King said the decision to cut was made on procedural grounds, which he said was "disgraceful and absolutely wrong."


Federal homeland-security aid for the Newark-Jersey City area will increase by 77% this year over last, the Associated Press reports. But, while aid to those cities will be up substantially, New Jersey as a state will also see a cut - by about $4 million from 2005 levels.


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