06 June, 2006

It's Official. Weld Out Of GOP Race

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld has made it official. He is out of the race to become the next governor of New York.

Weld, who had been the favorite of many Republican Party leaders, was defeated soundly by John Fasso at least week's GOP convention (61% to 39%).

Weld said he would remain active in support of Fasso in his bid to defeat the Democratic nominee this fall, almost assuredly to be New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Spitzer is well ahead in all polls over Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, who is trying to get on the ballot via the petition route. Spitzer had led both Republican candidates as well in recent polls.

Weld had vowed to stay in the race after the loss at the convention last week, but party leaders leaned on him heavily over the weekend to end his bid and save the party from a costly and divisive primary. New York State GOP Chiarman Steve Minarik publicly asked Weld to drop out yesterday.

The New York Times Web site retraces the steps that led to Weld's ill-fated efforts.

It didn't take the Democrats long to take a shot at their one-and-only target now that Weld is gone. The New York State Democratic Party's Web site put out a statement on Faso's candidacy, saying he is much too far to the right to win in New York.

"Looking at John Faso's far-right votes against children, women, education, civil rights, and the environment, we can't help but agree with top Republicans- John Faso is in la-la land," Democratic spokesman Blake Zeff said today. "Extreme George Bush Republicans can only get elected in about three states right now, and unfortunately for Mr. Faso, New York is not even close to being one of them. Sadly, the Republican Party in New York has now been taken over by right-wing ideologues."

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