07 June, 2006

Hell No! KT Won't Go!!

KT McFarland is in the race until the end, or so she says.

The GOP Senate candidate, opposing former Yonkers mayor John Spencer for the right to take on Hillary Clinton, publicly told state party officials to take a hike today.

New York GOP Chairman Steve Minarik had asked McFarland to abandon her campaign and support Spencer, who won the lion's share of delegates at the Republican Party convention last week.

As was the case with William Weld, who finished second in the race for governor at the convention, McFarland is being asked to step aside to avoid a costly and probably nasty (based on the campaign so far) primary contest.

Said McFarland, "I have earned my spot on the ballot and I intend to keep it."

McFarland got into the race late and came on strong in the weeks leading to the convention, winning well more than enough delegate votes to gain a spot on the ballot. That's pretty much the opposite of what happened to Weld, who's support was slipping at the end. Weld stepped out of the race for governor against John Faso earlier this week.


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