06 July, 2006

Bloomberg Says He'd Support Lieberman In Independent Run

Ned Lamont (left)

Sen. Joe Lieberman (below)

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has done little to squelch speculation that he might be weighing an independent bid for the presidency in 2008. Today he poured a little fuel on that tiny flame by telling the Daily News that he would support Joe Lieberman if the Connecticut Democrat loses his party's primary in August to Ned Lamont and ends up seeking re-election as an independent.

Bloomberg's name has been mentioned as candidate for an independent run for the presidency. The case was made most recently in this week's The New Republic.

Meanwhile Lieberman is getting a boost from some top Democrats in Washington. The Associated Press reports Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware, Barbara Boxer of California and Ken Salazar of Colorado plan to campaign in Connecticut for Lieberman between now and the Aug. 8 primary. They hope to send the message that Lieberman, despite his support for President Bush's efforts in Iraq, is still loyal to the Democrats on labor, the environment and women's issues.

Lamont and Lieberman will debate tonight, the only matchup of the two before the election. The Hartford Courant is calling tonight's debate a battle for the heart of the party. Because of the strong interest in the Liberman-Lamont race outside of Connecticut, it can be seen on C-SPAN at 7:00 p.m EDT.


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