11 July, 2006

Of Baseball and Politics

A long time ago, before they were glossy, slick, expensive and marketed to middle-aged 9-year-olds, baseball cards used to be my passion.

Six or seven times a year, the one company that sold cards back then would release a new series. 100 or so new cards which had not yet been released that year.

The word would get out that Nick's (the corner store) has the new series (though if you found out first you'd try to keep it a secret so you could have your pick of wax packs) .

You'd run to the store with your nickel, or even better, the quarter you got from the older lady across the street for helping her pick the apples from her backyard (talk about your make-work projects). Come home with a wad of cards in you pocket and a wad of bubble gum in your cheeks.

Well, I'm sharing my secret with you today. Suozi's has the new series!

Democratic gubenatorial hopeful Tom Suozzi today released on his Web site a list of "Albany Insider All-Star cards," featuring - not surprisingly - his opponent Eliot Spitzer, and others (mostly lobbyists).

Said Suozzi in a press release on his Web site: "Tonight in Pittsburgh, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game will pit the best players from the National League against the best from the American League." ... "But in Albany, both teams are sadly playing for the same special interests. And pretty much every member of this exclusive ball club has put their money and their mouths behind their designated hitter, Eliot Spitzer."

To get the whole set, you don't have to run off to Nick's or find any pop (for New Yorkers that's soda) bottles to turn in for the 2-cent deposit, or pick anyones apples. Just click here:

Not sure how this gets Suozzi any votes, but, for me it prompted terrific memories of (many) years ago and I hope I did the same for you.

There's a version of Casey (Eliot) at the Bat on the web site as well, but it wasn't worth the effort to put it on this page. Check it out if you must.


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