14 July, 2006

Report: Clinton Has $22 Million War Chest

Hillary Clinton's campaign disclosed today that the New York Senator raised almost $5.7 million from April through June for a total of $43 million for this election cycle, the Associated Press reported. The campaign has reportedly spent $21.7 million so far, leaving her with about $22 million more to spend.

The AP report says Republican candidate for Senate KT McFarland raised close to a quarter of a million dollars in the past three months, and has about that much to spend.

No word on fundraising yet from the other Republican in the race, John Spencer and Clinton's Democratic challenger Jonathan Tasini.


As the violence intensifies to alarming levels Middle East, Tasini has called for a de-escalation of the current conflict and an end to "the one-sided policy of the U.S. in the region."

Tasini says he fully supports the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and all of the Gaza Strip.

"I know from personal experience as a Jew, and as someone who has lived in Israel and whose family lives in Israel that we must come to grips with the reality that our one-sided policy in the Middle East has been harmful to a long-lasting peace," said Tasini. "The only path to peace, the only path to a safe and secure Israel, is to end the occupation and work quickly to establish an independent, economically viable, secure Palestinian state."


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