15 July, 2006

Hall Wins 2Q Democratic Fund-Raising Race In 19th District

John Hall was the leading fund raiser in the second quarter among the five Democrats battling it out for the party's nomination in New York's 19th Congressional District.

Hall raised $238,000 for the April-June quarter and has $221,000 on hand. Hall held a much-publicized series of fund-raising concerts and events during the period headlined by his musician friends Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and others.

Ben Shuldiner reported his campaign raised $30,000 in the quarter and he now has $112,000 on hand.

The figures for the other candidates were reported by NYPols in an earlier post today.

So second-quarter fund raising by Democrats in the 19th District stacks up like this:

John Hall: $238,000
Judy Aydelott: $165,000
Ben Shuldiner: $30,000
Darren Rigger:$24,000
Martorano: $13,500

Judy Aydelott still leads the pack in the amount of cash on hand as of June 30:

Aydelott: $344,000
Hall: $221,000
Shuldiner: $112,000
Rigger: $19,ooo
Martorano: $7,500

Of course the numbers pale a little when compared to those logged by the Republican incumbent Sue Kelly. As reported, Kelly raised $393,000 in the quarter and had $1.21 million on hand as of June 30.


At 11:30 AM, Anonymous subcomfabuloso said...

I think the best part of this story is that is shows how motivated the Democratic/progressive base is to take back the House and this seat! Having a lot of money is important both for political and practical reasons, but I think many of the people on the Democratic side of the political spectrum are tired of how big a role money plays in politics and always are a little chagrin to boast the merits of having the most money. BUT, as the game is played right now, money still is a big decider at the end of the election. I hope the other candidates in the race will see this and coalesce around the leading candidacy of John Hall.

Play "the game" well by rules now, and change the rules once you get elected. I think John Hall has the integrity to do that once in the House. Let's stop in the in-fighting already.


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