19 July, 2006

How Deep Is Your Love? Gallup Poll Measuring Depth Of Support Puts Giuiliani At Top Of GOP Heap For '08

A recent Gallup Poll, designed to measure the depth of support for various potential presidential candidates, puts New Yorker Rudy Giuilani at the head of the GOP pack.

Hillary Clinton is second on the list of "acceptable" Democrats, a tiny bit below former vice-presidential candidate John Edwards.

Gallup asked Republicans and Democrats whether a long list of potential candidates would be acceptable nominees.

Some 73% of Republicans polled said Giuliani fit that bill, with only 25% saying he would not be acceptable.

Just three names on the GOP list were acceptable to most of those polled, Giuliani, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (68% yes - 29% no), and Arizona Sen. John McCain (55% yes - 41% no).

New York Governor George Pataki was deemed not acceptable by 51% of those polled. Jeb Bush and Dick Cheney failed the acceptability test as well.

Among Democrats, Edwards was deemed acceptable by 71% of those polled, while 25% said he would not be acceptable. Others passing the test of acceptability: Clinton (69% yes - 29% no), former Vice President Al Gore 68% yes - 31% no), and the party's nominee in 2004 Sen. John Kerry (59% yes - 40% no).


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