21 July, 2006

Giuliani, Clinton Favored Among New Yorkers For 2008:Marist Poll

Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani head the list in the respective parties in a new Marist poll measuring New Yorkers' views of the 2008 presidential race.

Clinton leads the field of Demcrats, with 42%. Al Gore is second at 24%. No one else scores in double digits.

Although a majority of New Yorkers think Clinton is "about right" ideologically, 49% say she shouldn't run (46% say she should), but 60% say she will run. Only 34% say it is likely Clinton would win in 2008, while 64% say she probably would not win.

On the Republican side, Rudy Giuliani is tops at 38%, while John McCain is at 20% and Condoleezza Rice pulls 13% of the vote. George Pataki is at 12%. No one else cracks 5%.

Ideologically, 59% say Giuliani is about right, 51% would like to see Giuliani run in '08, there's not clear consensus on whether he will run and 53% say Giuliani is unlikely to win.

Clinton would be beaten by Giuliani (43% to 52%), while Clinton and McCain are neck-and-neck (Clinton 46%, McCain 48%).

In a three-way presidential race, with Bloomberg running as an independent, Giuliani gets 45%, Clinton 34% and Bloomberg 16%.

Image credit: Marist Poll Web site


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