26 July, 2006

Spencer Takes Small Lead In GOP Senate Race: Siena Poll

John Spencer has put a crack of daylight between himself and KT McFarland in the latest poll released today. The Seina College New York GOP poll shows Spencer leads McFarland in the GOP race for Senate 24% to 18%, with 58% still unsure enough to offer an opinion.

In the last Siena poll in May, Spencer led McFarland 21% to 20%, which is really no lead at all in the polling world.

Eight in 10 Republicans polled by Siena said they don't know enough about either candidate to formulate an opinion about them.


Spencer, via his blog, has invited the Democrat in the race, Sen. Hillary Clinton, to a town hall meeting in Yonkers. The invite was in response to the agenda set forth by Clinton and others in the moderate Democratic Leadership Council to focus the party's attention on middle-class issues.

Said Spencer of Clinton's practical knowledge of the middle class:

"It's plain to see, Hillary Clinton has spent a major part of her life living in public housing...the Governor's Mansion in Little Rock or the White House, now she shuttles between her mansion in Chappaqua and her mansion in Georgetown."


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