29 March, 2006

A Quick Timeout For A Little Fun! Local Pol Turns His 1970's Hit Into His Campaign Theme (Something He Wouldn't Let The President Do)

We once mentiond that John Hall, a member of the '70s pop band Orleans, was running for Congress in New York's 19th District. Hall, one of the myriad of Democrats hoping to unseat Rep. Sue Kelly, R-Katonah, this fall has turned one of the band's big hits - with new lyrics - into his campaign theme. If you are anywhere near the big 5-oh, as this blogger is about to be, you might have the song 'Dance With Me' in your collection. Pull it out and sing these lyrics to the melody:

Vote for Me
I want to be in Congress
Can't you see
the country'sin a big mess
Katrina showed us
the emperor's new clothes, so just
vote for me.

Vote for Peace
and we can all have healthcare
almost free
no more pre-emptive warfare
we'll be sweeties, abide by our treaties
Vote for me.

Let's impeach Bush and Cheney, too
after we win back both the House and Senate
The line of succession leads to number three
Speaker Pelosi

Vote for me
and send Sue Kelly packin'
then we'll bring
our troops home from Iraq and
we'll start winning
it'll be a beginning
Vote for me.

In a note to NYPols confirming the lyrics were indeed his, Hall told us the song might be a little simplistic, but it makes his points. For instance, he says, "if we were not spending half a trillion dollars on war right now we'd have an easier time dealing with what most people consider a health care fiasco."

Back in 2004, President Bush was forced to stop using Orleans' other mega-hit "Still The One" as his re-election campaign theme because Bush failed to obtain permission from the copyright owner -- John Hall.


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