28 March, 2006

Weld Calls For Elmination Of State Income Tax On Those Making Up To $75,000

New York GOP gubenatorial hopeful William Weld called this morning for the elimination of the state's personal income tax on individuals making up to $75,000 a year. The AP reports Weld made the proposal at forum of business leaders in New York City this morning. Weld also proposed a plan to let voters, not the legislature, set the level of government spending in New York. The Weld campaign said the tax proposal would cost the state $6.9 billion a year.


At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

As appealing as this sounds, it's just a deception. No one who is in charge of running an operation - be it a government or a business - can credibly claim to have a plan to eliminate most of the revenue that runs that operation. Weld could not possibly tell you with a straight face that his plan would not cut the services that everyone relies upon. Forget about more police on the street or new equipment for firehouses.

Unless Weld is running counter to his party, he won't advocate raising taxes on the wealthy (which would be one way to make up for the shortfall). No, his plan is more likely simply intending to cut services that everyone depends on. Then when the government runs into deficeit problems, he'll advocate selling assets like land or highways (something New Jersey is considering, and which any economist will tell you is a dumb idea), and privatizing many state operations.

The Republicans do this sort of thing all the time -- they talk of cutting taxes (because, really, what politican can't sell a tax cut to voters? It's like offering free candy to kids), but what they are really talking about is ending services that the government provides, and letting private industry pick them up, which will cost the public more in the long run. Who will be hurt the most by such a plan? People making under $75,000!

The bottom line is: Do not trust Republicans to make fiscal decisions (unless you are independently wealthy). They are not - and have never been - on the side of working people.


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