23 March, 2006

Clinton, McCain Top First ABC News 'Invisible Primary' Ratings

Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain sit atop their respective parties in the first installment of what ABC News is calling its "invisible primary ratings" for 2008. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is listed fourth among Republicans while New York Governor George Pataki comes in eighth.

ABC says the rating system is meant to read how the candidates are doing in their pre-primary jockeying for position.

According to ABC here is what the ratings measure:

"The ratings reflect a sense of who has 'juice' - a demonstrated ability to elicit favorable attention from critical sectors of the political world, including activists, major fundraisers and member of the news media who are paying minute daily attention to what has become the earliest and most intense presidential campaign ever at this stage."

Among the things weighed in the final number are money potential, biography and spouse, perceived electability, TV campaign skills and something called "fire in the belly."

You can see a breakdown of each party's candidates and all strengths and weaknesses by viewing the rating summary.


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