27 March, 2006

Hillary Painted as A Full-Blown Hawk In Pat Buchanan's Opinion Weekly "The American Conservative"; More Endorsements On GOP Side Of The Senate Race

It's been a long and late night for this blogger, who was busy taking care of some other business tonight. But I thought I'd check in with a couple of quick notes.

Seems we can't go a day without some mention of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who not only has raised the most money of any 2008 presidential hopeful by far but also seems to be getting the most ink. This week's American Conservative, in a pro-isolationist opinion piece, has a not-so-flattering look at the Senator (and a not-so-flattering front cover) which paints a picture of an opportunist who is now capitalizing on the dispute with Iran over nuclear materials to paint herself as the hawkiest of hawks on national security.

CORRECTION: Sunday we called your attention to a column by Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star. In our post we implied that the Star was in Kansas. As a reader correctly points out, the Kansas City Star is in Kansas City, Missouri not Kansas City, Kansas. Thanks for the catch!


Former Yonkers mayor John Spencer got four more endorsements from upstate today for his GOP Senate campaign. The support came from the leaders of the Cayuga, Madison, Oswego and Onondoga Repblican parties. Spencer claims to have more than enough backing to win a spot on the primary ballot.

Meanwhile, Spencer's GOP opponent got her third official endorsement today. Despite questions about her spotty voting record in general elections and reports of her accusations that Hillary Clinton is spying on her, former Reagan Defense Dept. spokeswoman KT McFarland got the endorsement of the Sullivan County Republican Committee.


At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

Does anyone really expect a publication called "American Conservative" to have anything but a "not-so-flattering" article on Hillary Clinton? The Republicans and the conservatives have had the most irrational hatred of her since she was nothing more than a presidential candidate's wife. In the bad old days of the early 90s, she was attacked for simply keeping her madien name as her middle name (a practice many Southern women employ).

I continue to believe that the right wing keeps using the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidential run as a way to squeeze money out of their contributors, who have been scared out of their wits by people like Pat Buchanan about the threat Hillary represents to their way of life.

Nevertheless, if and when Senator Clinton does decide to run for president, the venom that each and every person on the right will spew her way will be the most disgusting display of partisan politics and misogyny that the country has ever seen.

There's an even darker cloud rising on the political front, although I'm sure none of us would have thought that to be possible.


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