06 March, 2006

Yet Another Challenger to Hillary as Former Reagan Administration Official Steps Forward

KT McFarland, the top spokesman for the State Department during the Reagan years, officially announced Sunday she will challenge former Yonkers mayor John Spencer for the GOP nod to face Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate race this November.

McFarland's entry seems a bit late, with some key endorsement already being handed to Spencer, but in an interview on her campaign Web site she doesn't seem overly concerned about the timing.

"I have been personally assured by New York State Republican Chairman Stephen Minarik that the nominating process for this seat will be fair and open. For the past several weeks I have been in touch with county leaders of the Republican Party throughout New York State and I am very encouraged by the response. I now believe I will have the requisite support to appear on the Republican ballot this September."

The support of the Conservative Party has also been important for Republicans running statewide in New York. The state Conservative Party has already endorsed Spencer, but McFarland, an upper east sider, seems umbowed.

"I also have met with the Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, who has personally endorsed another candidate in this race, but who graciously recommended that I meet with other leaders from his party to solicit support. I will certainly do that. "

Check out the campaign website for her positions on the issues. Among the highlights: McFarland says the U.S. "
should be forming a truly effective and united front with its allies to stop the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. That front must include a military option to halt construction of nuclear bomb-making facilities In Iran." No mention on the Web site of abortion. McFarland is pro choice.

Smug in the knowledge that Hillary Clinton is in their stable, the New York State Democrats don't seem too impressed, calling McFarland the GOP's ninth choice for the post.

No mention on the Spencer site about his new opponent.


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