12 April, 2006

Congressional Candidate Hall Proposes Closing Indian Point, Opening "Sustainable Energy" Research Center

John Hall, running for Congress as a Democrat in New York's 19th District, proposed today that the Indian Point nuclear facility be closed and replaced with a research center for "sustainable energy."

The center would conduct research in the development and use of biodiesel, and biodiesel-fueled gas turbine electric generation, wind power, solar energy, hyrdoelectric power, tidal energy and hydrogen as sources of power.

According to Hall the center's goal would be to make the U.S. energy-independent and eliminate the effects of fossil fuels on global warming.

In a 34-page study released today, Hall said the research facility would cost "hundreds of millions of dollars." He proposed several funding sources including a boost in the New York State "systems benefit charge" by what amounts to 20 cents a month for the average individual ratepayer, according to the study. That alone, the study contends, would raise $150 million. The study also suggests applying for federal grants, developing partnerships with private industry and seeking funds from private foundations and individuals.

Hall argues the research center would provide jobs during its construction and long-term, quality jobs once the center is up and running.


From time to time we cross the New York border and take a look at what's going on just to the east. In today's Hartford Courant, Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, who is not loved by the center-left-to-left wing of his party, says he would not rule out running as an independent to retain his seat if he decides that's his best chance of winning. Lieberman is being challenged on the Democratic side by Ned Lamont, a businessman from Greenwich. Lieberman has been harshly criticized by Democrats for siding with President Bush on several key issues, most notably the Iraq war.


In the latest Qunnipiac Poll of New York City residents - not surprisingly - a clear majority feel New Jersey governor John Corzine should butt out of any discussion about the future of the Ground Zero site in lower Manhattan. The poll also indicates New Yorkers feel public education is the number No. 1 problem facing the city. In addition, by an overwhelming margin (77%-17%), New York City residents think immigration reform should include a provision to put illegal aliens on the road to legal residency rather than making felons of them. Similarly, by a 63% to 30% margin, New Yorkers oppose making it a crime to aid illegal immigrants.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

Hall is right. The sooner the nuclear power plant is closed, the safer many of us in the New York will feel. The transition to safe, renewable energy has to start someplace and sometime. It might as well be New York and now.

Leiberman deserves an embarrassing defeat at the polls. His support of the president and too many GOP policies has been a hinderance to progressive reforms, accountability in government and his own party. He's a disgrace.

Lastly, Corzine is right to want a say in what happens on the WTC site. A huge number of the people who died or who were injured in the WTC attack were from New Jersey. Corzine represents those families and their interests in seeing an appropriate memorial be built.


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