09 April, 2006

OUR TWO CENTS: A New Holiday To Commemorate? I Think I'll Pass

FOX News recently posed the question of whether Iraq "Liberation Day" should be a national holiday in that country. Now a group called Families United For Our Troops and Thier Mission seems to be proposing that the day be set aside here in the U.S. for commemoration. In fact they are suggesting an entire week, beginning today.

The group is advertising on conservative-leaning Web sites, trying to get electronic signitures to send to the news media, which the group says "glosses over" the accomplishments of the troops. The group is urging that the troops be allowed to"finish their mission."

U.S. troops, from 1776 to today, deserve our enduring gratitude and respect for their bravery, courage and sacrafices. But I'm not sure April 9th, 2003 is a day to celebrate here or in Iraq or anywhere.

On that day the treachery of one regime was ended. But it was also the day that created the current power vaccum that has allowed the factions in Iraq to unleash their fury on one-another leading to thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of broken lives.

Celebrate that if you will. But count me out.


At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

Huh? The Iraqi people have been liberated? I'm sure that's news to them.

People watching Fox News can celebrate all they want, but for those of us living in the real world, "liberation day" will have to wait for the Iraqis and for Americans.


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