02 April, 2006

Newsmags Put Immigration Front and Center As The Debate Only Gets Hotter

As might be expected, the news and opinion weeklies coming to your mailboxes tomorrow highlight debate over immigration that has captured the nation's attention this past week.

Of course we told you Friday night about TIME magazine's poll and related piece on Americans' attitudes toward illegal immigrants.

William Kristol, in this week's Weekly Standard, says House Republicans - with their law-and-order approach- are threatend to ruing the GOPs chances of being a long-term ruling party by turning it into the "anti-immigration party."

And, Newsweek has a great piece that puts a human face on the people we argue endlessly about in the abstract.

Check them out. They're worth your time.


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

If you are going to link to sources like the Weekly Standard, you owe it to your readers to present views from sources such as The Nation as well.

Here is an article from The Nation on the current immigration debate, and one which makes the point that there is no "crisis" with immigration right now, but rather the situation is as it has always been. Immigrants - legal and illegal - have been with the U.S. for a very long time, and those who make an issue of them are more often than not using immigrants as scapegoats for all manner of societal ills. Today is no different.


Time magazine is more or less a centrist source, albeit one published by and for corporate interests. Newsweek, similarly a corporate magazine, is a center-right publication. The Weekly Standard is a very right-wing publication.

All too often, progressive voices are not heard because the focus falls to the centrist publications and the loudmouths on the right. But the left has a lot of interesting things to say, even if they don't pump it up the way the way the right does -- but then, it's usually the right that's making scapegoats anyway.

Pay attention to the progressives.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Ron Vallo said...


It out goal at NYPols to let everyone's voice be heard on this blog, right, left, center or somewhere beyond the ozone.

The progressive point of view has been represented on this blog regularly.

Just a few days ago we ran Senate candidate Jonathan Tasini's graphic ad about the horrors of war. You won't see that in the mainstream media.

You also will not see many stories in the MSM about candidates like Tasini, or John Hall or Sean Patrick Maloney, because they are not already household names.

On the Republican side, a recent poll showed that nearly 8 in 10 New Yorkers had never heard of either John Spencer Or KT McFarland, who both hope to challenge Hillary Clinton this fall. That shows the MSM is remiss in informing the public about two candidates for a very important office. We have done many stories on both.

The MSM has a tendancy to determine for themselves who has a chance to win and who doesn't and then ignore the candidates it deems not worth their time.

We hope we are taking a different approach.


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