30 March, 2006

Bloomberg Weighs In On Immigration; Says Criminalization, Guest Worker Plans Both Unrealistic: New York Times Report

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized two plans being backed in Washington to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. Bloomberg told CNN it is a "fiction" to believe we will deport millions of people and suggested illegal aliens be given "permanent status." The New York Times, in Friday's editions, reports Bloomberg is critical of a House Republican plan to criminalize immigration violations, and President Bush's plan to allow "guest workers" to stay for a defined period of time. A senate committee, meanwhile, has approved a bill proposed by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, and Sen. John McCain,R-Arizona, that would allow undocumented workers to earn citizenship.


At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

Paul Krugman of the New York Times put it best today in his op-ed piece when he said that the Republicans are currently split over immigration by those who want to expel the immigrants and those who want to exploit them. He further points out that having a large work force with no right to vote - and thus no voice in government - is hardly in keeping with our democratic ideals.

The United States is in need of a more humane immigration policy. None of the proposals to come out of the White House or the Congress meet a basic level of human decency.

For anyone concerned about this issue, Krugman's March 31 column, titled "The Road To Dubai" (since much of Dubai's work force is made up of illegal immigrants or those on temporary visas) is essential reading.


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