06 April, 2006

NOTES FROM THE CAMPAIGNS: Howard Dean's Campaign Manager Trippi Joins Hall's Congressional Campaign

Joe Trippi, the man who gained fame as the mind behind the internet-based campaign that brought Howard Dean to temporary frontrunner status in the 2004 presidential campaign, has signed on with the John Hall campaign. Hall is one of several Democrats hoping to replace Rep. Sue Kelly, R-Katonah, who is running for re-election in New York's 19th District.

"This year it's more crucial than ever that the Democrats get it right and John Hall is the right candidate to win in November," Trippi said in a press release from the campaign. If nothing else, the appointment shows Hall has been able to attract some serious experience to run his campaign. We'll soon see how the fundraising is going in that race. FEC filings for the first quarter are due April 15.


Capitol Confidential, the political blog of the Albany Times-Union, is reporting that Republican senatorial candidate K.T. McFarland will announce two more county chairman endosements, from Erie County and Orleans County. The Erie endorsement would be the first for McFarland from one of the larger counties in the state.

Meanwhile, the McFarland campaign has announced the hiring of former Westchester County legislator Rob Astorina as campaign manager.


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