19 May, 2006

Border Bounce: Bush Gets Some Good Poll News For A Change

Another poll was released today, and for the first time in a long time there was some good news for President Bush.

A CBS News poll indicates pretty strong support for Bush's stance on immigration.

On National Guard troops at the border - 62% say it's a good idea

On a temporary guest-worker program - 61% are in favor

On allowing long-term illegal immigrants to work their way toward citizenship - 77% say yes

The CBS poll shows some conflict on the issue of the government collecting a massive data base of phone calls made by U.S. citizens. Americans approve of the government's program by a 51% to 44% margin. But, in a seeming contradiction, 60% of those polled said they didn't think phone companies should be providing the government with phone-call data.

Bush's overall approval rating in this poll was 35%, that's up 4 percentage points from where it stood prior to the immigration speech Monday night.


Republican gubenatorial candidate John Faso announced the support of the Suffolk County GOP. That's the second-largest prize in terms of convention delegates, with the largest being Nassua County, the other Long Island county. Nassau's Republicans have yet to weigh in.

Looking at the "scoreboard" being compiled by Urban Elephants.com, the Suffolk endorsement brings Faso within striking distance of the other Republican candidate William Weld. According to the UE count, Fasso is at 35% of the delegates, compared to Weld's 43%


GOP Senate candidate KT McFarland has been endorsed by the chairman of the Putnam County Republican Committee Anthony Scannapieco. McFarland, in the latest poll released yesterday by Quinnipiac University, leads John Spencer by 10 points. In terms of delegate support though, according to Urban Elephants, Spencer is ahead of McFarland 59.6% to 19.3%. McFarland needs to muster up another 6% or so to get her over the 25% mark and win an automatic spot on a primary ballot.


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