04 August, 2006

Tasini Still Pushing For Spot On Debate Podium

Anti-war candidate Jonathan Tasini is seeking public support in his battle to force a debate with Sen. Hillary Clinton.

As we reported the other day, the candidate has been told that NY1 won't hold a debate between Clinton and Tasini because his campaign hasn't raised enough money to make him eligible.

NY1, by the way, is owned by Time-Warner Inc. which has given $5,000 to the Clinton campaign during this election cycle, according to opensecrets.org

Tasini is urging supporters and others who consider NY1's decision a bit heavy handed to write or call the station and demand that Tasini be given his matchup with Clinton.

Here's the info:

Robert Hardt - Director of Politics, NY1, 212-379-3330 or Robert.Hardt@ny1news.com

He's shown enough support to get on the ballot. He deserves a chance to be heard.


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